Frequently asked questions

01 - What is a quiz night anyway?

Quiz nights are unique trivia events where teams compete with one another by answering interesting, amusing and sometimes challenging questions. It's trivia, but good!

02 - What kind of questions do you ask?

Our quizzes are focused on general knowledge and have something for everyone. We understand there are people of all ages and interests that may attend an event so we like to ensure nobody feels left out! Rounds are varied but generally focus on pop culture, general knowledge, movies, TV, music, and current events.

03 - What is the best size of group for a quiz?

We find the best size is somewhere between 50 and 500 people. That being said, we've done quizzes of all shapes and sizes and is totally up the organizer how big you want it to go. Keep in mind, it's a team game and we strongly recommend teams of 6 to 8 people.

04 - Where is the best place to host a quiz?

Our quiz format requires a dedicated space - halls, gymnasiums, conference centres, or private rooms would all work well. We do not do quizzes in shared spaces (in a bar or restaurant).

05 - What does Quizmasters provide?

Your quote includes the trivia, host, and all equipment required to run the show including A/V gear, pens, and answer sheets.

06 - What do we need to provide?

Event organizers will need to sort out the venue, tables, chairs, prizes and of course the participants. Anything other than the trivia would also be the responsibility of the event organizer which may include a meal, silent auction, raffles or draws.

07 - If we use our venue equipment, do we get a discount?

Sorry, we don't offer discounts. We always bring a full set of A/V equipment to each and every quiz, even if it stays in the car. We've often struggled with venue equipment in the past and we need to ensure our multimedia format can be